Visionare - Patient Matched Instrumentation

Patient Matched Instrumentation helps your surgeon achieve more optimal implant alignment, custom to your unique knee anatomy.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will scan MRI (Magnetic Resonance Images) and X-Ray images of your affected leg into an advanced web-based software program, which will generate virtual images of your knee. Surgical instruments and guides are then designed and built, mapping out specific bone cuts to accurately align the JOURNEY or LEGION implants to your knee. © Smith & Nephew 2012

Dr Nick Pourgiezis has noticed a number of advantages in using Patient Matched Instrumentation for Total Knee Replacement. These include a shorter operation time, shorter incision, less bleeding during and after surgery, and faster restoration of knee comfort and movement in the early postoperative period. Postoperative Xrays have demonstrated appropriate alignment of the implants and current investigations are underway to assess if this is improved compared to Conventional Knee Replacement surgery which may translate to a longer lasting joint.

For more information the video below can be viewed: