Why Choose Dr. Nick Pourgiezis

Dr. Nick Pourgiezis uses the latest surgical techniques and technology to assist patients in returning to their chosen activities in the shortest possible time. This commences with a comprehensive history, thorough examination, ordering and reviewing necessary investigations and advising patients on treatment options. This may include appropriate referral to colleagues if necessary to maximise patients condition prior to surgery if this is necessary, such as review by a cardiologist if the patient has a heart condition.

When surgery is necessary Dr. Nick Pourgiezis' meticulous attention to detail, expert team of Anaesthetists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, other Medical Specialist and Administrative Staff will assure you of the most comfortable experience and best possible outcome following treatment.

Patients are supported throughout their stay in hospital, following discharge and until full recovery has been achieved.

Our aim is to improve quality of life and return patients to their chosen level of activity in the shortest possible time.